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Raise Your Pints Inc. – Mississippians for Economic & Beverage Advancement

June 23, 2009

Raise Your Pints Inc. – Mississippians for Economic & Beverage Advancement  

The group formerly known as MEBA has been radically re-organized.  You will see a great deal more from Raise Your Pints as we work toward lifting the gourmet beer ban and beyond.  We have a plan that will take us all the way to that goal. 

The vision of Raise Your Pints: “A Mississippi with a World Class Beer Culture”

The mission of Raise Your Pints: “To promote and enhance craft beer culture in Mississippi by lifting the ban on high gravity beer; clarifying the status of home brewing as a fun, legal and wholesome hobby; promoting Mississippi’s beer, brewpub, and brewing industries and small businesses; and broadening the appreciation of craft beer for all Mississippians.”

We are asking that all of MEBA’s supporters join Raise Your Pints and help us.  You’ll see a lot of us in the coming months and we’ll need you to be a part of that “us.”  We’ve planned a series of beer tastings and beer dinners across MS beginning in Hattiesburg on April 4th to increase awareness of our cause, raise funds, and have some fun.  We will also be hosting Mississippi’s first major Brewfest this summer to expand Mississippian’s appreciation of craft beer.  These and other steps are part of our plan to create the organization necessary to fulfill our vision of a Mississippi with a world class beer culture. 

We need your help to do this.  We can’t do this with a handful of people, and we can’t do this with a few hundred people.  Modernizing our beer laws is going to take thousands of us.  Please go to and sign up as a member.  Recruit your friends who love craft beer or oppose government intrusions into our liberty.  Participate in RYP fundraisers around the state.  It’s our time.  This is our chance to be part of history, stand up for individual liberty, and create a Mississippi with a world class beer culture!


Butch Bailey

President, Raise Your Pints