Mississippi State Baseball Coach Rips His Team to the Media!!!

John Cohen, the coach for Mississippi State Baseball, had a bad day on Sunday. He was ejected in the 6th inning of a 12-10 loss to Auburn, which was tied at 9 when the bullpen was open. Cohen had a right to be upset. 
Cohen was so upset that he completely threw his team under the bus to the media. He started in on the whole team then narrowed his tirade to the bullpen with comments like “in the future we will have pitchers that have a background of throwing strikes”. 
This is an insult, not only to his current pitchers, but against Ron Polk and the coaching staff from last year. Really not sure if Cohen knows this, but Polk is 1st in all time wins for the University that Cohen is now employed. 
Greg Byrne should have his hands full with dealing with this, because it is one thing to be upset your team did not play to its capability, but public insults show zero class. 
These kids are waiting to be coached and they must have done well enough to get on the team, so if they no longer throw strikes that must start with you John. 
As coach you are the one to get praised and the one to get chewed out. You are supposed to be a buffer so kids don’t have to hear this. If they are lucky enough to get to the “Big Dance” they can fend for themselves. 
Hopefully there is an outcry that reaches Byrne and he puts a stop to this happening again.  

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