Childers provides tracker website

Congressman Travis Childers recently introduced the North Mississippi “Recovery Tracker” to promote transparency and accountability during the allocation and implementation of funds provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

“Since the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on February 17, $500 million has been allocated to Mississippi, including $50 million for infrastructure projects, construction, and law enforcement in the First District,” Childers said.

“Money is coming to North Mississippi, and it’s coming fast. Now, the question on the top of everyone’s mind is: ‘How can I be sure that these funds are implemented responsibly?'” 

The Recovery Tracker, which is located on the Congressman’s Web site, will allow constituents to trace Recovery Act funds in Mississippi’s First District and throughout the state, as well as direct them to helpful resources specific to Mississippi.

“While the Recovery Act already contains an historic level of transparency, oversight, and accountability, it’s important that First District residents have a straightforward way to quickly and easily track Recovery funds in their area,” said Congressman Childers.

“The Recovery Tracker will offer up-to-date, comprehensive information so that North Mississippians can be sure these funds are implemented responsibly.”

The Recovery Tracker, which can be accessed at, includes a list of contacts for relevant Mississippi departments and organizations, as well as a constantly updated record of allocations for the First District and the State of Mississippi.

The site will also provide an extensive guidebook for funding programs provided by the Recovery Act through 2010.

“I hope that constituents will visit the Recovery Tracker on a regular basis, and I will continue working to ensure that these funds are implemented with the utmost transparency, oversight, and accountability,” he added.


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