Tupelo attorney Catledge indicted on income tax perjury

OXFORD – William Catledge, a longtime Tupelo attorney, is out on $10,000 bond after he pleaded not guilty Thursday to federal charges he lied on his income taxes.
Court records, released Thursday, show an April 27 trial date before Senior U.S. Judge Neal Biggers.
Catledge is represented by Michael J. Stengel of Memphis.
A federal grand jury apparently indicted Catledge earlier this year with a Feb. 19 motion to seal it from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
It was unsealed Thursday and an arrest warrant was issued for him.
He also pleaded not guilty Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Judge S. Allan Alexander.
Catledge, 54, is indicted on three counts of “perjury” on his federal income taxes.
Count 1 of the indictment says he reported a total 2000 income of $256,921 when he knew it was more than $1 million.
He also is accused of lying on his 2001 tax return, saying his total income was $96,635 instead of some $777,263.
The third count claims on Form 1120 for 2001 he reported gross receipts of $1.9 million when he knew they were nearly $3 million.

If convicted, Catledge faces a maximum three years in prison and a $100,000 fine, and not more than a year’s supervised release after that.

Catledge also faces problems with the Mississippi Bar Association, which has cited him repeatedly over several years for irregularities in his Tupelo law office. The Mississippi Supreme Court will decide what action to take in that matter.


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