Barbour Wants More Stimulus Money For Construction

Governor Refuses Millions In Unemployment Aid

JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said on Wednesday that he would like to see more money for the state’s highways and bridges in the economic stimulus package. “I wish there were more infrastructure money,” Barbour told 16 WAPT News. Barbour said he wants more money to rebuild Mississippi from the economic stimulus package.

“I think all of us in Mississippi thought we would be getting a lot more than $240 million for our highways and bridges, because that definitely creates jobs,” he said.

Barbour said he believes investing in the state’s infrastructure is a better deal than the money earmarked for changes to the unemployment system.

The governor said he is turning down millions of dollars in unemployment aid because it would force the state to keep the plan funded when the stimulus money runs out by taxing employers.

“I am not willing to require a tax increase on job creation after this federal money runs out,” he said.

Barbour said he thinks the government is spending too much money and he’s not sure if it will work.

“I think there will be some stimulus, but not as much as it could be,” he said. The governor said he feels more jobs could have been created with less money.


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