DUI legislation passes Senate

JACKSON, MS – DUI offenders in Mississippi could face strengthened penalties under a bill passed Monday by the State Senate.

“This is another tool for law enforcement to crack down on those who drink and drive,” Sen. Doug Davis of Hernando said about Senate Bill 2996, which he authored.

The bill doubles the fine for anyone convicted of registering a blood-alcohol content reading of .15 percent or greater and allows for an ignition interlock device to be used for anyone convicted of a DUI offense.

The device, which is used in 14 other states, would prevent an automobile from starting until the driver blows into the device and registers an alcohol blood content level lower than state limit of .08 percent. 

According to the bill now headed to the House, anyone using an ignition interlock device – which would have to be approved by the Department of Public Safety – would have to pay a fine of $250 and also be responsible for costs associated with installing the device in their vehicle.

Fines collected would go to a special fund for the administration of the DUI Restricted License fund.

“We need to take responsible steps to ensure we are doing all we can to keep the highways of Mississippi safe,” Davis said about the bill’s provisions. “I was excited to see both the Mississippi State Troopers Association and the Mississippi Police Chief’s Association endorse this legislation.”


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