Mississippi gets failing health grade

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Mississippi doctors are giving residents across the state a failing grade when it comes to healthy living.

The State Medical Association released their report card for 2009.

In it, Mississippi ranks number one for having the most unhealthy citizens.

Mississippi also has the highest infant mortality in the nation.  

We also rank 2nd in accidental deaths, traffic fatalities and adults with diabetes.  

The newly formed State Medical Association is made up of doctors from across the state.

They’re hoping to use the health report card as a public education initiative to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Throughout the year they plan to provide health tips on how Mississippians can live healthy and disease free lives.  

State Health Officer Dr. Ed Thompson says, “It’s important because this comes from the state’s doctors; it’s the first time we’ve had such a report and it gives us an opportunity to improve some of the dismal statistics with the help of our physicians, our policy makers. If we measure it we know where we are if we measure it again next year, we’ll know if we make progress.”

The doctors also hope to reduce smoking statewide.

Mississippi currently ranks third in tobacco use.

They plan to encourage state lawmakers to support a bill that would make it illegal to smoke in any public building in the upcoming legislative session.


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