I need a TW&L bailout

Has anyone else’s power bill doubled ?

I know its winter and the bill always goes up, but my bill literally DOUBLED since last month. TVA’s announcements from 2008 claimed a 6-12% increase, but ITS ALOT MORE THAN THAT. Above and beyond, the increase was due to fuel charges. The price of fuel has been cut by 50% since a year ago.

How come companies calculate an rate increase in milli-seconds, but a rate decrease takes YEARS ?

Even better, if you go to TW&L’s website, they have a page to report problems. ITS BEEN “COMING SOON” FOR YEARS ! With all this extra revenue, couldn’t they hire a tech to FINISH THE PAGE ?


And don’t even get me started on our “Green Power” programs. You want to entertain yourself ? Go to TW&L’s office and ask about that.


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