Cirque Du Soleil opens today at BancorpSouth Center

Anyone planning on going ? T-Town TALK to us about it.


13 Responses to “Cirque Du Soleil opens today at BancorpSouth Center”

  1. jr85reb Says:

    Going Saturday night.

  2. tupelotalk Says:

    The Mrs. and I are going tomorrow night. I CAN’T WAIT ! Always wanted to see Cirque, especially the show they do to The Beatles music, Love.

  3. wffasso Says:

    The school sent home a paper, they were taking the kids. The group rate was $35.00. I didn’t even think it was something for kids. I’m not paying that much for a child’s group ticket. But i’m sure it’s great for people who enjoy that stuff.

  4. tupelotalk Says:

    Wow. That seems like something that should be discussed during Parent/Teacher conferences. I would assume MANY families won’t pay that.

    Tell us what you think about it T-Town.

  5. bigwoolymammoth Says:

    just got some tix…..should be pretty cool. heard last nite was awesome.

  6. bigwoolymammoth Says:

    just scored some tickets….heard last nite was badassness!!

  7. bigwoolymammoth Says:

    if you sit on your butt and dont go see this………..well you are just dumb.

    well worth the ticket price, imo.

  8. homecoming queen Says:

    topped the one i saw in vegas

  9. getitoverwith Says:

    Where do we get last minute tickets? Couldn’t find it on ticketmaster.

  10. bigwoolymammoth Says:

    the show is over, finished up on Sunday.

    the crowd wasnt very big fri. nite and i heard it was the same on thurs….hopefully the weekend drew a bit better. you know its sad that everyone seems to complain about nothing ever going on around here and then when something does, no one attends. the only things that have sold out in years is wrestling and kid rock. ive seen willie, allman bros and bob dylan twice and the crowds are always small..though the allman bros. had decent.

    you snoozed and missed a good show…though the tix were a tad high, though they were worth it in hindsight

  11. getitoverwith Says:

    Blast! Should have checked it out sooner. Too much going on. Hope they come back though.
    Anybody heard of anything else going on like that with cultural flare?

  12. bigwoolymammoth Says:

    not really sure….perhaps check the arena website and the downtown main association

    im sure the WWE is right around the corner though 😉

  13. fulltiltgolfer Says:

    Both WWE & Monster Trucks coming soon !!!

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