Ole Miss, setting records all over Dallas

Rebel fans, winning in all phases Friday

The Ole Miss players werent the only ones setting records at the Cotton Bowl on Friday, it seems the Ole Miss fans, immediately after their team’s pasting of #7 ranked Texas Tech Red Raiders, took to the watering holes of the greater Dallas Metro Area to set a few historic marks of their own.  The Atrium Bar at the Hyatt, one of the Ole Miss fan hotels, reported that victorious Ole Miss faithful went all Wild Rebel on the bar and set a record for money spent on booze in one night, the grand  bar tab total coming to a little over $29,000.  That record came two days after those same fans tied the one night record by dropping $26,000 at the bar on New Years and, not to be a fan base to rest on their laurels, dropped an additional $27, 000 the night before the game.  The Atrium Bar has been open for 30 years.


5 Responses to “Ole Miss, setting records all over Dallas”

  1. jr85reb Says:

    U gotta love them Rebel Fan’s. Another proud record for the state of Mississippi.

  2. lil miss sunshine Says:

    I heard many REBEL fans went to DICKS last resort for a pre-party and were actually apologized to because they had run out of everything. Dick’s exact response was “We didn’t know Ole Miss fans could drink THIS much….good lawd!” Hopefully the whole Dallas trip (football and all) broke the Mississippi mold. HOTTY TODDY !

  3. lil miss sunshine Says:

    Well we have to proud of something…it sure isn’t STATE’s record.

  4. jr85reb Says:

    I heard the same thing about Dick’s. I also heard other establishments were running out of liquid beverages.

  5. bigwoolymammoth Says:

    have to say im feeling a lil wooly about next year too.

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