Property values jump on tax rolls 1/2/2009 10:50:14 AM
Daily Journal

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Home and property owners will pay more in taxes this year after a countywide reassessment boosted property values an average of 20 percent.

Letters alerting the owners to the new fees were mailed in late December, and several people have already complained to the Lee County Tax Collector’s office.

“Any time you’ve got an increase in taxes, no matter what the amount, we always have calls,” said Tax Collector Leroy Belk. “And we’re always happy to answer questions.”

I’m pretty sure if you had a real estate agent do a comparable market analysis on your home, you would find that the value of your home DID NOT go up 20% since 2004. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

After PRESIDENTIAL accessment, Obama plans to offer TAX RELIEF.

After LEE COUNTY accessment, Leroy Belk INCREASES tax during the worst economic crisis since the depression. THANKS !

If the value in real estate is so great, how come noone is buying ?

You better check that calculator Leroy.


2 Responses to “ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?”

  1. bigwoolymammoth Says:

    you can dispute it if you feel your value isnt in line. no one is ever going to like tax increases, but im sure they were out doing the reappraisals while things were booming too. its not like they did all those drive by appraisals overnight.

    luckily for me i get my over 65 exemption.

  2. tupelotalk Says:

    Just got finished paying my property tax.


    The school system better fix that 40% dropout rate, if they want us to keep paying !

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