Whats so Global about Corinth and Tupelo ?

Gifford Global: A source of T-Town gossip virtually every night of the week.

Whats so Global about it ?

Dustin is the son of a NE Mississippi homebuilder. Thats what they still do. I admit, ever since Dustin attended TRUMP University(NO JOKE) he’s done it on a larger scale. BUT, at what expense ?

We all know what Trump does. He borrows under one company, folds and hides under another name. Trump pays himself a ridiculous salary from his corporations, thus insulating his personal finances from the corporation’s problems. A simple search at the Mississippi Secretary of State’s website shows Mr. Gifford has 17 different corporations.

Is this necessary for a handful of HALF-BUILT houses and building supply companies in NE Mississippi, or is this insulation ?

The spies for T-Town say he rarely shows his face at newly acquired Prudential Realty, and the employees are concerned.

Is this what Global means ???

For kicks and giggles, check out his website: http://gifford.pageware.com 

I personally love this line. Its located on his commercial construction page.

Welcome to the Commerical Construction division of Gifford Global Corporation.  We apolagize for any inconvience as details shall be available soon.  For direct information please contact 662-284-0989. 

The message has been the same since the original post, and you’ll find most of the site is empty. Is this Global ?

Mr. Gifford, if we offend, we APOLAGIZE !!!


6 Responses to “Whats so Global about Corinth and Tupelo ?”

  1. Tim Says:

    I bet that boy feels like he is in quick sand. Sinking quickly with nothing to grab a hold of.

  2. tupelotalk Says:

    I’m sure his plan is to shaft his current investors, and walk around town in a Trump power suit, like it never happened.

  3. Tim Says:

    My guess would be that he skips town and runs on down the road, or maybe he’ll end up grabbing those bars like Jay Harrison. Thats the only two ends I see for the Gifford boy.

  4. tupelotalk Says:

    Went back and read the line from the COMMERICAL construction page of his website.

    I guess thats Global spelling.

  5. Greg "The Brick Man" Says:


  6. lil miss sunshine Says:

    wow! you guys don’t hold any punches. However, it does seem like no one has anything good to say about this guy. How is he getting away with these types of business practices?

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