REWARD OFFERED: Tupelo Meteorite

T-Town Talk is offering a $50 gift certificate to IV’s restaurant for information concerning the theft of the Tupelo Meteorite.

Apparently, someone stole the 1100 lb. stone right off of Main St..

Here’s info and a pic:

The ‘meteorite’ reportedly ‘fell’ near Nettleton, Mississippi (near Tupelo) in the year 1870. The 1100 lb. stone is displayed outdoors on a pedastal with a plaque on East Main in downtown Tupelo. Elvis cults have attempted to postulate an influential connection between the boy Elvis and the hometown ‘meteorite’ on display.

The rock that suddenly appeared out of nowhere didn’t always stay put, though. Over the years, it could be found on the top of Dudie’s Dinner, in the foyer of the high school and at numerous other inappropriate venues around town. I confess that I had a hand in pilfering the meteorite and placing it in the foyer of the high school in 1977. I can say that now because the statute of limitation on such an offense has almost certainly expired by now.
But in 1980, a Dr. John Harris (a Yankee, I strongly suspect) happened to come across the meteorite as he was driving through Tupelo on the way to Ole Miss to give a lecture to whatever sober students he could round up.
Harris was a NASA chemist and nuclear physicist, so the Tupelo Meteorite was of great professional interest. He asked someone, probably Mayor Ballard, if he could borrow the meteorite to take it back to Houston for closer examination. Well, given the fact that people had been “borrowing” the meteorite for years – and for far less edifying purposes – Mayor Ballard could hardly object.
Well, he should have, because a few months later Harris returned and pronounced that the meteorite was, uh, meteor-wrong. “It’s just a chunk of concreted sandstone,’’ he said.
It is at this point, where the true character of Tupelo was best exhibited. In fact, I consider it the town’s finest hour.
I suspect that most towns, upon hearing that for more than 100 years they had been being paying homage to a chunk of concreted sandstone, would have taken great pains to quickly distance itself from the matter and hope that everybody else, especially those rubes in Pontotoc or Booneville or Baldwin, would eventually quit laughing.
But that is not the course that Tupelo pursued.
Instead, they quietly took possession of this giant rock and simply placed it back on its pedestal.
Furthermore, the inscription on the pedestal was not amended in any way.
It strikes me as an act of quiet, dignified defiance.
That is why, in the highly unlikely event that you happen to find yourself on East Main St. in Tupelo Mississippi, you will NOT (remeber, IT WAS STOLEN) see The Tupelo Meteorite sitting proudly on its pedestal out front of the Leake & Goodlettt building.
Unless of course, it’s on the top of Dudie’s Dinner.


Tupelo meteorite


3 Responses to “REWARD OFFERED: Tupelo Meteorite”

  1. bigwoolymammoth Says:

    its gonna take more than $50 to get back the meteorite……just sayin’

    ::this in no way means that BWM has the rock

  2. tupelotalk Says:

    Its a chunk of concreted sandstone from Nettleton.


  3. lil miss sunshine Says:

    Wooly…do not underestimate the power of IV’s chocolate bread pudding and a beer or two.

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