Stables still rules the nightlife.

I love the atmosphere. The dark wood, the exposed brick and a tv in every corner rocks. It gets a little loud with live music, but Elvis’s hometown should get a little loud from time to time. The women LOVE the outdoor seating when the weather is nice.

Most of the patrons are instant friends. Watch out for the dry county crowds. They can get a little rowdy once they hit the sauce.

All and all, the Stables is Tupelo’s watering hole.


2 Responses to “Stables still rules the nightlife.”

  1. bigwoolymammoth Says:

    while the video may not be the perfect description of the stables and its crowd….your insight pretty much is. the Stables is my favorite place to be low key and still have a great time out. from good service, plenty of tv’s and exposed brick walls…..the stables has got it all.

    they also have EXCELLENT food, especially the lunches… sure to get in on wed. for the chicken pot pie(you can thank me later)

  2. tupelotalk Says:

    Thanks Big Wooly. Maybe we’ll run into eachother sometime !!!

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